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feelin good today
??????????? idk why loll
kathe by armyns
ok i meant to upload this like THREE DAYS AGIO but i got busy and i havent been able to go on my computer Again highschool is great and amazing
i dont think i changed much other thanthe gender and the shade of pink and the name slightly but now they have a full reference which i never do for any of my characters
they go by any pronouns mainly they but if theyre really feelin a certain pronoun then theyre gonna use that certain pronoun

EDIT i forgot to color the insides/tips of the ears on the quad version but the design for quad is the same as the anthro i just sont feel like changung it lol
i might close it if it gets too slow because my computer hasbeen mmmmmmmmm...... but im drawing something i actually like for the moment so :)
it kept trying to reconnect and it was slowing my computer down and autumn was the only one that ever came soo its done
"I have no problem with females but does it really matter that there is a girl in every video? and does it really matter enough for you to make this big of a deal about it and i'm tired of this feminism shit men and women are pretty equal  right now and in some cases it leans more towards men not being = to women so we should stop this crap and just grow up come on be mature."
bc someone commented on the video about there being no women they got a million responses saying like "well most of LoL players are maAAallAlee its a video game just calm down"
i love league of legends but i Hate everyone and there are so many rude people that ive been paired with lollll bye
Soon and my paypal is ready give me money


abie/delaney ❅ 14 ❅ they them/she her

hi i really like pokemon, legend of zelda, league of legends, vocaloid, tv shows/anime/games, and lots of lesbians. use they pronouns if you dont know me. my name is pronounced "A B" not like abby

ma copine est sirenu
note me for my tumblr/instagram
✂ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

to-do list:

paid = :bulletgreen:
unpaid = :bulletred:

1 - PastelAlpacas not started, :bulletred:
2 - furbsuit not started, :bulletred:

(i try to do it in order of who ordered first but sometimes i dont follow that rule)

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hey this is lauren i moved :0
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